Certified medical transcriptionist salary

by admin on December 3, 2010

There is a good demand for medical transcriptionists in the medical industry and this is true all over the world. The demand for medical services will is not likely to come down and this also means that the industries related to medicines will also get their share of work easily. Just like any other work you need to have the knowledge and skills required to do this work. Then it’s all about marketing your skills. If you know how to step in the industry and make way through it, there is no stopping back.

No doubt there is a competition but there are gaps as well, you just need to fill in those gaps to fit in perfectly. Now a medical transcriptionist’s salary depends on the experience he has. If he is absolutely new to this work then 10 to 15$ will be good enough but if he has some experience, the salary gets better. A certified medical transcriptionist salary has to be better than the non certified ones.  A good transcriptionist can expect up to 45 to 50$ an hour.

When you get a certificate from a good institute, you also have better chances of landing up with a good job. This is a must if you are looking for a long term career in this field. There are a lot of good coaching programs and courses which offer such course for different durations ranging from six months to two years. A full detailed course is always the better choice when it comes to starting a career in any industry and the same goes with this one. They will equip you with all the required knowledge to do such a job. Initially these school, colleges and institutions also help you in getting a good job and start up with this.  The more experience you get with time, the salary also gets better.

Apart from taking up a job in some company, you can also go for your own home business in this field. This required some basic investment and set up on your part. Again experience in this industry will always help you more than anything else.

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Online medical transcriptionist

by admin on December 2, 2010

A medical transcriptionist does the work of transcribing the audio recordings of the medical professionals like doctors, surgeons and physicians. Transcribed records are much easier to record and organize as compared to any kind of a recording. They can also be easily referred when ever needed. A medical transcriptionist does all that.

Now the services of a medical transcriptionist can also be availed online as this work does nt require the transcriptionist to be present on the site itself. An online medical transcriptionist will offer his services on the internet for a fee. If you are good at medical transcription you can also get online medical transcriptionist jobs with companies who are looking to get their work done online.

If you are new to the whole concept of medical transcription and the related work you can always join the courses, trainings and programs for this. There are a lot of online medical transcriptionist training programs which provide all the knowledge and skills needed for this kind of a work. Some of them also give you certificates for your training so that its easy for students to get the job and prove their capabilities. A certified medical transcriptionist will always get the work more easily than others.

The demand for such jobs is increasing all over the world and online trainings along with the jobs make it easier for anyone with some good knowledge to get into this field. If you already have some good experience and contacts in the industry you can always turn this into a profitable business which can be operated from anywhere.

The best part about such kind of online jobs is that they provide an excellent opportunity for work at home mothers to do something productive and add to the household income. This may seem a bit difficult in the beginning without any kind of knowledge and training but with more exposure in the industry, this is one of the ways to go. A lot of such work is done by working mothers at home where they provide excellent services to medical professionals and institutions.